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HR Shelter is a wellness solutions company for both individuals and corporates. We design programs and custom wellness solutions to meet your organizational needs. We design solutions that  integrates well-being and employee engagement, with a focus on organizational values.

We focus on bringing wellness to the workplace through various programs on mindfulness, happiness and positive psychology. Well-being at work needs to find a place with the HR teams and leadership of organizations and rightly so we empower them with the required tools. With our expertise in both Human Resources and well-being, we can just be a partner you are looking for. From conducting virtual sessions for your employees to creating a well-being tool kit for your organisation we can partner in many ways.

Well-being and Mental health

Mental health is an important part of overall health and wellness of our lives. It affects our overall process of thinking, feeling, and our response to any situation.

It also play a vital role in the way we handle stress, relationships and even crisis situations. Which only makes it critical for one to have a positive mental health all the time so that life challenges are managed well.

However we also go through changes in our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour from time to time. A trauma or an unpleasant event changes our perspective and we may start feeling low. Lack of sleep or appetite are most common, but slowly these emotions start showing in all the areas. From our body to our daily routine.

Some of these changes make you less able to function and maybe it’s a start of mental illness.

Let’s see what are you need to watch out for, from mild to severe symptoms


Can you define happiness? What makes you happy the most?

Spending time with your child, working or just eating an ice-cream. We all have attributed happiness to something external.  But the day we know we are unhappy we start looking for happiness all over. The more we try to find, the more we have people telling us to look within, happiness is a choice you make, so on and so forth. All this sounds very difficult to believe at the time we are unhappy or lets say looking for happiness.

What if we tell you, happiness is a skill?

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living, focusing on both individual and societal well-being

So what is positive psychology?

Positive psychology is a relatively new form of psychology. We focus more on the positive influences of an individual’s life. Every individual has his own set of character strength’s, some strengths are used often and some are unknown. The purpose of positive psychology is to help people flourish through optimal usage of their character strengths. Several years ago, Martin Seligman, one of the founding fathers of positive psychology, explained how to use positive psychology in a therapeutic relationship. He has identified five elements that are important for happiness- positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement. The acronym for these elements, PERMA, is the term that they are most often referred to.


Mindfulness is not about having positive thoughts and focusing on only the good and positive things around us. It is a minute-by-minute awareness of what is happening within us. Mindfulness is about experiencing emotions, from easy to difficult, from painful to joyful.

Our happy mood can be accompanied by a sudden rush of anxiety and within minutes we notice someone’s success we may feel jealous too. Mindfulness is about accepting all emotions without any judgements and not trying to get away with them.

Mindfulness meditation practice can help an individual to live every moment with awareness. Our minds are wandering all the time, either we are thinking about memory or worry about the future. By doing this we miss out on NOW. Mindful living teaches you to bring mindfulness into all aspects of life, like mindful eating, mindful walking and even mindful working. Once we learn mindfulness we can apply it to everything we do, it also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. We do specific sessions on anxiety and stress relieving techniques of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is also about taking a pause or just a few moments of a break in between our hectic life, it helps us to respond better and bring back our focus to the task at hand. There are many myths about mindfulness and here we are breaking a few for your, click here to read more.

From Our Clients

We would not be where we are today if not for our patrons whom we have had the pleasure to serve and who helped us grow to where we are today!

“I experienced tremendous change in myself with the service, and I would come back again…If you are honest with your counselor, you can see great breakthroughs and tips to learn and grow as a person.”

Joby George

Co-orindator, Royal Court, Bahrain

“After getting in touch with HR Shelter, they carefully reviewed my credentials, they were helpful and responsive, and carefully focused on my areas of improvement that resulted in a huge confidence boost…”

Chandrashekhar Subudhi

General Manager, Ramada Lucknow, India

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