“Tum inta jo muskura rahe ho, Kya gum hai jisko chupa rahe ho “ -Kaifi Azmi 

These lines were written years back about how some of us face our mental health issues. One can look happy/smile and absolutely perfect to the world, but there is a deep melancholy beneath their perfectly scripted answers.  In our professional and personal life, we definitely come across issues people face. From our maids to our colleagues at work, everyone one is battling with their own challenges. Many times, all this goes unnoticed, due to many reasons and it is purely unintentional. But if/when you notice something is not going right with this particular person, do help them. 

Here are few tips you can get started with:

  1. Do not shy away from talking to people you know are suffering with some issues. 
  2. If they are crying let them cry, just be there for them. 
  3. Ask them if they want to talk about what they are going through, if they are reluctant to share but do not force. 
  4. If someone wants to talk, please listen to them genuinely and without making judgements. If you cannot help, please advise them to speak to a professional. 
  5. Do not give them any advice or instant solutions to their problems, you are not an expert and may not know the complete story. 
  6. Do not compare their situation with yours, every one’s pain is different. Losing a pet can be equally painful as losing a parent.
  7. Hanging out together or drinking up to the problem is only postponing a problem to next day, do not encourage this.
  8. Don’t ever gossip about this issue
  9. If you cannot keep up promises, don’t make one. 

Taking professional help for mental health issues does not mean, one is not capable to resolve their problems. It is like going to a doctor when you have cough/cold for many days.  Like a small antibiotic can make lot of difference, so can a therapy session.

Ask for help.

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