Our expertise on human resources combined with counselling skills is a perfect solution for employee well-being. We can help you start with mental health awareness to undersetting the benefits of counselling.

Emotional engagement is driven by a desire on the part of employees to do more for (and to receive more) the organisation than is normally expected. Emotionally engaged employees perform better, are more involved and make meaningful contributions to their job role.  Emotionally engaged employees consist high levels of well-being and are less likely to experience burnout or work–family conflict.

But what if they are going through a burnout or a family conflict? As an organisation how are you taking care of mental well-being of your employees? Most of the time employees are unable to share their personal life conflicts with their co-workers. They want their personal life to be confidential and also there is a fear of being judged.

This is where we come to your rescue. With a  combined experience in HR and counselling we are just the right solution you are looking for your employees.

Our trained, online counsellor will help to get your employee back to being emotionally engaged.

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