Eventually, someday you will realize that pain and misery are part of life’s journey. It’s the seed from where the little saplings of strength start to grow. If you are someone who has been through a trauma, failure, huge loss or have been endured pain over something, you will know how it helped. The pain has changed the way you look at life, it has humbled you. In whatever area you endured pain, think about how your perspective has changed towards it.

Pain is beautiful, we need to embrace it rather than finding ways to ignore it. Most people want to get over pain quickly and move on with their life as nothing happened. Because going through pain or let me say growing through pain is tough. It will challenge all your beliefs and values. You will have to embrace this change and accept this new person who is growing inside you.


Yes, we all want to live in our comfort zones, but this pain will push you to move away from there. If you have closely watched labour pain, you can resonate with pain and the happiness just after pain.  We are in pain to give birth to something very beautiful. A stronger and beautiful version of you, and mind you there will be many such versions. And someday you will know that pain is part of the journey. Whenever you feel painful, accept it, feel it and live with it as long as you feel like it. There is no need to push away it is part of the cycle you are going through.


Remember it is okay to cry over pain or feeling stuck for a few day or months. This is just helping you to ground yourself and preparing you for the change that is coming. Live it with whatever it takes, cry over a piece of music, shed your tears on your pillow, let it flow.  Slowly you will start to notice that pain is moving ahead, you start seeing some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel. Keep moving forward towards that light, this flow will take you to that new person you are becoming.


You are slowly and gradually getting stronger, yes there are tears, there is sorrow but there is a growing acceptance and strength. Live in the flow accept this is a process and move on to be a beautiful you.

Pain is inevitable, juts flow with it, you will find the way to move ahead.



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