Happiness at work is not just about employees feeling happy excited about a project or elated with appreciations. These are quite momentary, one negative feedback may just burst the bubble of happiness A comfortable workplace and nutritious food does make a difference, but will not bring happiness.

So what does workplace happiness means?

I would like to define a Happy workplace as a place where every employee can feel blissful, adding value and working with a purpose throughout their workday and beyond. Some may not reach this stage of happiness, to begin with, but they should be comfortable to be themselves. And when I say “themselves” I mean quirky, vulnerable, emotional, outspoken whatever the real self is. Employees must be at ease to bring “themselves” completely to work.

So the question is how does one sense if they can be their real self at work or not? This is what culture is all about, at the end of the day organisational culture is all about the emotions your employees feel every day. Happy, content, accepted, trusted are some of the emotions a happy employee will feel every day.

And remember, emotions are contagious.

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