Can you define happiness? What makes you happy the most?

Spending time with your child, working or just eating an ice-cream. We all have attributed happiness to something external.  But the day we know we are unhappy we start looking for happiness all over. The more we try to find, the more we have people telling us to look within, happiness is a choice you make, so on and so forth. All this sounds very difficult to believe at the time we are unhappy or lets say looking for happiness.

What if we tell you, happiness is a skill? 

Yes, it’s a skill you learn and practice it. And one day you will master being happy. Happiness is a broader term used for being positive and having a positive mindset, even though you are surrounded by a chaotic environment. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living, focusing on both individual and societal well-being. Click here to know more

It needless to say that in a chaos if you stay calm, the chance of finding a creative solution is higher.

We conduct happiness sessions for individuals / group of individuals and corporates. Do contact us here for more details.

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