Unlocking us

When life opens up again, we will have challenges gazing at us. The new normal or the new abnormal, whatever it might be it is going to challenge us. The organizations will open up but how are we going to cope up the uncertainty? Will our jobs continue with same rigor or will there be a slack? There are many such questions that has been looming into our head. During this time, it is also important to keep up our mental sanity.

It is the new normal to be anxious or even be furious at times with this situation. These emotions are harmful if they are hidden behind your newly discovered cooking hobby. It is best to emote, share with someone who you believe and is non-judgmental. Take professional help if need be, but it is not advisable to brush it under your hobby. We are not always built to be positive every day, those good morning quotes on WhatsApp are not helpful when we are feeling down. If it was helpful our drawing rooms would be filled with such huge wall handing quotes. Remember emotions and feelings cannot be positive or negative, they are just what they are. We must learn to express, emote and move on. Holding back an emotion today can have triggers in future.

Metal well-being is the need of the hour, seeking professional help does not make us look like a weaker person. All of us are competent to handle ourselves but some situations we need support and help. We need to seek this help and move forward. Self-judgement or self-doubt only makes the issue in hand more complex.

At the time when we all are locked up , let us unlock ourselves.

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