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Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers. This is true in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world. With so many job opportunities available to us just a click away, retention has become critical. Resourcing of best talent and retaining them for a longer period is a key to success for any organization.

No doubt HR is a niche and specialized role for any organization, but when you are a start-up or SME the focus is always the core business and HR takes up a transactional role.

By partnering with HR Shelter, you can put the energy of your organisation at the heart of its skills and improve its productivity.  Our expert team will focus on your talent management.

HR Shelter will work like a HR department of your organization. Based on your requirement and challenges we will create a unique and specialized agreement. 

Glimpse of our value additions

We believe hiring the right talent is vital for any organization – finding right talent for the right role at the right time is the key. Talent acquisition ensures that the workforce has relevant skill for the current and future needs of the organization. It is not about filling vacancies; it is about having a long -term business impact. Induction of newly hired talent to the organization’s culture plays an important role on the tenure of an employee. We can help you manage this.

Organizations having the best talent working for them is great provided they are retained. Talent Management has become a key in human resources today. Engagement and performence driven appraisals are yesteryears need, the Gen-y is looking for Talent Development. Needless to say, all this can be achieved only with a strong transactional HR tasks and in-depth analysis.

In a nutshell, we will completely handle your human resources department. From recruitment, induction, appraisals, exit, retention and payroll. This will be done by our backend and customer facing teams.

At HR Shelter we understand the importance of customized and tailor-made solutions specific to each individual organization. Hence get in touch with us to have your custom requirements catered to.

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