Mind filter @ work

Our behaviours or the perception of our behaviors defines our perceived character by others. People mostly see us in one phase of our lives and perceive our character immediately. Simple things like reaching office late and can quickly be perceived as being careless and irresponsible. Not that reaching office on time can form a base for generalisation.

Let us see how we process some information; we use our already saved information to process the new information as well. So, if Akash reaches office late, he is careless and irresponsible. Akash mostly extends his workday after 6:00pm, he is in office until 9:00pm most of the days. So, what is your perception of Akash now? Mostly it is “of course he has to hang around late, he comes late hence he has to catch up with work”

Mind filters

So our minds uses a lot of filters. And this is at a sub conscious level and mostly we are not aware of them. We use many filters, all interacting with each other at different levels. In fact, the data handling is quite a computational feat, far beyond anything the fastest computer in the world today could do. The filters can be in the form on beliefs, attitudes, values , memories , language, culture and so on. Any information received from the outside level goes through these filters. So with all the millions of information we see or receive everyday our subconscious mind filters them so that we can focus on only the information we want.

For example, Akash has been suffering with back pain since Monday.  But Monday he had a budget meeting hence he ignored it. Tuesday was new client presentation and he was working all day to impress his new clients. Wednesday and Thursday, he had many leads hence Akash was busy converting them to meet his monthly target. Now it is Friday evening and Akash has intense back pain. During the week the subconscious mind ignored the pain but now Akash needs to act take medication over the weekend. But the same back pain to someone else would have caught an attention on day one and he/she may have taken medication immediately. Our action and our behaviour is based on these filters.

It is a great tool, isn’t it? But only if we are aware of this tool it can used wisely. Unfortunately mostly we are not aware since it happens at subconscious level. Also there can be many wrong filters in our mind and all our actions and behaviour are based on them. Some negative filters can be damaging us and mostly we are not aware.

So when Akash to given a feedback today, he was told by his boss that he is brilliant in presentation skills, his client conversation rate is above the average rate of the organisation. He is dedicated and has innovations solutions. But he is not good with time management & never comes to office on time.

What does Aakash feel after receiving feedback? “I need to work on my schedules “ or “My boss is never happy always finds something to complain”. If he is feeling betrayed or disapproved there can be changes in his behaviour, he may continue to come late and not focus on conversions too. Such outcome can be damaging not only for the organisation but Akash as well. Self-awareness can help us to use our filters wisely. If organisations start working on the well -being of their teams it can help to create a self-aware and emotionally engaged teams. So do you know any Akash who is talented but unhappy hence not working up to his full potential?

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