There are so many things out there that distract us, confuse us, make us doubt ourselves, get us angry, and push us in directions we never intended to go. More so now, all you have to do is to just switch on TV or your social media. Just notice what we are watching, the more we engage the more we are drawn towards it. Have you ever noticed “recommendations” in your social media feed?  If you are watching a video on racism, all your recommendations are going to lead you towards the same. Including the OTT platforms, I just watched one women centric movie and all the recommendations are about women centric movies. I am pretty much forced to see just one sided story and eventually it’s easy for one to get used to one sided narratives.

Yes many will say, it’s just for time pass. We watch or scroll social media during our free time. Start making a note on the amount of time you spend , you will be astonished.

Now the question, is it even harmful? How does it matter?

Well, you must have heard about our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has all the information stored and we just know it. We just know that a particular race of people are not good or people for so & so country are too smart. How has our mind stored such information? Simple it’s in our subconscious mind which is being fed by our conscious mind. Like you learnt driving with your conscious mind and with all the awareness. Remember initial days of driving you were very much aware of indicators or hand brakes. The moment we mastered driving everything was auto pilot, we could drive while talking on the phone or attending a con call. Similarly   with cooking and many other things. When we get used to something , we start operating from the subconscious mind level. And all the information is going from the conscious mind only. Whatever you are watching, reading , scrolling, thinking, feeling everything is has an impact.


So what is the solution? Obviously we cannot detach ourselves from the world of social media but being aware , conscious about what we are thinking and feeding to our mind is definitely possible.

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