Mindfulness is not about having positive thoughts and focusing on only the good and positive things around us. It is a minute-by-minute awareness of what is happening within us. Mindfulness is about experiencing emotions, from easy to difficult, from painful to joyful.

Our happy mood can be accompanied by a sudden rush of anxiety and within minutes we notice someone’s success we may feel jealous too. Mindfulness is about accepting all emotions without any judgements and not trying to get away with them.

Mindfulness meditation practice can help an individual to live every moment with awareness. Our minds are wandering all the time, either we are thinking about memory or worry about the future. By doing this we miss out on NOW. Mindful living teaches you to bring mindfulness into all aspects of life, like mindful eating, mindful walking and even mindful working. Once we learn mindfulness we can apply it to everything we do, it also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. We do specific sessions on anxiety and stress relieving techniques of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is also about taking a pause or just a few moments of a break in between our hectic life, it helps us to respond better and bring back our focus to the task at hand. There are many myths about mindfulness and here we are breaking a few,

Mindfulness is religious:

No, it is not religious, it is about focusing on the present moment with different techniques which are not religious.

Mindfulness needs dedicated time:

No, once you learn mindfulness, you can practice anytime, anywhere. There is no dedicated time required. 

It is difficult to be thoughtless:

No, there is no need to practice thoughtlessness. Mindfulness meditation is about allowing thoughts and observing them without judgements.

Learning mindfulness practice for any individual and professionals has many benefits. They are more aligned and focused on their goals. We conduct individual and group sessions on mindfulness practice, stress and anxiety management with mindfulness sessions. Click here to contact us and know more.

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