Power of self-talk and positive thinking can change your approach to life.

Do you know who is Late Roger Bannister? Yes, the first British Athlete to run a mile in less the 4 minutes in the year 1954.

Before 1954, it was believed that it was not humanly impossible by anyone to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. The physicians had many theories behind this belief and slowly everyone believed it’s impossible. But there was one person who did not believe this, yes late Roger Banister. He continued to believe that breaking that 4-minute mile barrier is possible and started working towards his goal. No amount of theory from others changed his mind. The only self-talk he did was, it is possible, and I will do it.

There is always a conflict between our positive and negative thoughts in our mind. And one of them definitely makes a huge impact and it is us who can decide which that one thought can be. Coming back to late Roger Bannister, in the month of May 1954 he broke this record of 4-minute mile and ran a mile in 3:59minites. Something which seemed impossible was suddenly possible.

But something changed after that, same year 27 athletes broke this barrier of 4 minutes. And over 250 athletes in the following year. They all started believing it is possible and started telling themselves so. There was no stopping from there. But the first man who broke the record believed in something which seemed imaginary and impossible to everyone.

So what we understand from this story is:

  • the world is divided into positive believers and negative non-believers
  • negative belief is the primary obstacle to achievement
  • blind faith in positive belief is necessary for success

What we tell ourselves and how much faith we have in our belief is going to determine our success. Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” Even if you fail, what we tell ourselves after a failure is important. De we tell “I am not good” , “am such a loser” or “of I failed but what a lesson it was, let me try again”?

It sounds quite simple isn’t it? But most people living with a negative thought and negative bias need a lot of support and practice to do that. The question is, do you have the intent and will? if yes then you will find ways and means as well.

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