So here we are with yet another International Women’s day celebrations. Am sure today most organisations have celebrated with full spirit to achieve “equality”. Which I feel is still quite far from all of us. These corporate celebrations are no doubt a beautiful gesture with all the flowers, chocolates, lunch and perfumes we definitely made most women around us very special. Though I personally would have never felt anything special with all the above because you see chocolates are for kids and flowers are good then they are not plucked. It is time to think more and do more. Equal pay and opportunity is non-negotiable but hey it’s time we did more in all areas.

Is a corporate celebrating woman daily?

This is a question you really need to ask your ladies after the women’s day is over. Are they really happy working or it’s because of the financial burden they share with their spouse they are forced to work until the home loan EMI is paid off. Honest answers can shock you, having said for some women it’s a choice they made to achieve something. Equality is still quite far because we don’t hire when someone is pregnant, while checking a resume of a 20 something girl we still check on marital status and I personally have never attended an interview where I was not questioned directly / indirectly on family plans. We still don’t like loud women or an emotional one who cries after the boss shouts at her. So there is clearly a challenge we want emotionally intelligence without emotions.

The Male contributors

Well yes, we don’t celebrate men’s day as widely as women but hey isn’t it a women’s contribution when a man is at work? I mean a man’s clean clothes to work is a women’s contribution.  Yes , of course men stay back late, because when they go back home food is served, bed is made, kids /aging parents are fed and taken care.

Am just a housewife

When I ask any women what they do, the above answer is very disturbing. We as a society completely forgot to appreciate an effort of a home maker. From nutritious food to a clean home, these are basic necessities. And lets us not forget behind many men these silent contributors are just there not knowing their worth and repeatedly saying “am just a housewife”

At COVID times

Let’s is not forget last entire year how tough it has been for a woman especially a home maker. Manage everyone’s needs, cook with minimal ingredients, manage family’s mental health and all this without any me time leave alone reward.

This women’s day let us be more aware on all the ways women contribute not just by working in a corporate but also being someone’s mother or wife.

And let us think more than flowers and chocolates, the real women are done with them.

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