Well-being and Mental health

Mental health is an important part of overall health and wellness of our lives. It affects our overall process of thinking, feeling, and our response to any situation.

It also play a vital role in the way we handle stress, relationships and even crisis situations. Which only makes it critical for one to have a positive mental health all the time so that life challenges are managed well.

However we also go through changes in our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour from time to time. A trauma or an unpleasant event changes our perspective and we may start feeling low. Lack of sleep or appetite are most common, but slowly these emotions start showing in all the areas. From our body to our daily routine.

Some of these changes make you less able to function and maybe it’s a start of mental illness.

Let’s see what are you need to watch out for, from mild to severe symptoms:

  1. Changes is eating or sleeping habits (too much or too little )
  2. Easily irritable and angry
  3. Withdrawal from social gathering
  4. Blur and confused thoughts.
  5. Lack of interest in things you usually loved doing
  6. Unable to focus on work or studies.
  7. Fatigue and feeling tired all the time.
  8. Drug or alcohol abuse
  9. Many unexplained physical illnesses life headache, back aches etc.
  10. Ideas that don’t line up with reality
  11. Seeing or hearing things that others can’t
  12. Thinking or talking about suicide

Is there any one around you going through one of such symptoms? Most likely even though they may be going through these symptoms, there sheer stigma attached with Mental health may not allow them to come forward.

We as an organization conduct sessions specifically on “Mental health and Stigma” for corporates as well as group of individuals. Also, individual virtual counselling sessions are taken by us. Contact us here.

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